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Sling Bags

wholesale single-strap backpack
Wave Monopack
as low as $4.49

messenger bag in bulk
Baja Sling Backpack
as low as $4.89

wholesale single-strap backpacks
Living Color Sling
as low as $4.99

wholesale single-strap backpacks
Messenger Back Pack
as low as $5.99

wholesale sling bag
Pyramid Sling Bag
as low as $6.50

messenger bag
Sumatra Messenger Bag
as low as $6.99

messenger bag
Mono-strap Backpack
as low as $7.49
messenger bag
Sling Pack w/Speaker Outlet
as low as $8.23

wholesale messenger
Celebrity Body Back Pack
as low as $8.99

single shoulder-strap backpack
Single-Strap Backpack
as low as $9.25

clear backpacks
The Diagonal
as low as $9.99

wholesale single-strap backpack
Utility Sling Pack
as low as $10.25

messenger bag
Urban spirited Sling Bag
as low as $10.99

messenger bag
Monsoon Sling Bag
as low as $11.99

messenger bag
Erganzo Sling Pack
as low as $12.99

wholesale single-strap backpack
Recycled PET Messenger
as low as $13.99

inexpensive body bags for wholesale
Deluxe Body Backpack
as low as $13.99

sling bags in bulk for cheap
Performance Sling Pack
as low as $17.99

sling bags in bulk for cheap
Millitary-Style Sling
as low as $22.99


Trendy Cross Shoulder Bags

Funky one-strap backpacks are great wholesale giveaways. You can hand the sling bags out in your latest convention instead of booring old totes and briefs to make a strong impression on all prospective clients. Schools and non-profit organizations should also strongly consider cross-shoulder bags when buying in bulk because most students would want these cool sling bags as opposed to a traditional backpack. We even carry the backpack-style slings which are basically a backpack with one strap.

Our wholesale sling bags come in a variety of colors, sizes, feature-sets and price points to fit your requrements wheather you looking for college book bags or sling laptop bags. They are usually made of durable polyester or nylon fabric to last a long time. Most sling bags have a buckle or velcro closure, however, some are sewn on to the bag. You will find them loaded with features like cell phone holders, headphone outlet and water bottle holders which are just not commonplace in backpacks.

You can save a bundle by buying our shoulder bags in bulk - the more you buy, the more you save. In addition you can add your logo to almost all of our sling bags by imprinting or embroidering them on the front. Don't forget that we also have an unbeatable selection of traditional bulk backpacks.

Handy and Trendy Sling Bags in Bulk

Bag Republic has one of the largest sling backpacks collection in the industry. Our huge selection of sling backpacks provides comfort and convenience with a single, economical choice. The majority of our mono-strap bags are made of durable polyester or nylon fabric to last a long time and to keep up with an active lifestyle. These wholesale sling backpacks come loaded with features to make life easier such as cell phone pockets, water bottle holders and headphone outlets. Our wholesale sling backpacks are trendy, appealing to businesses and colleges as giveaways for employees and students. The color, size and unbeatable wholesale price make our sling bags in bulk irresistible.

The Perfect Sling Backpacks for Every Industry

Sling bags are perfect no matter what the industry and we have the biggest variety to fit your needs. All of our sling bags and messenger bags are available at inexpensive wholesale prices to suit any budget no matter how big or small. Our Baja sling backpacks are perfect for charity giveaways and promotional needs for companies like medical corporations, Fortune 500 companies or businesses who have high budgets for their events. The Sumatra messenger bags have plenty of room for a sports team or cheerleading squad to personalize and carry to every game or competition. Our military style sling bags in bulk are great for schools and ROTC troops to have for packing all they require. The barrel sling bags feature a unique design, great for school mandated events or promotional giveaways to put your school name or logo out on a one of a kind bag. Our sling bags in bulk are a perfect way to set your company, school or team apart and get your name remembered.

Huge Selection of Wholesale Sling Backpacks 

Our wholesale sling backpacks collection offers a diverse selection of top quality and inexpensive options no matter what your company, school or event calls for. These sling backpacks in bulk are perfect for promotional needs with maximum space on the front for embroidering or imprinting your company, school or business’s name or logo. Our downtown sling backpacks start as low as $3.49 and comes in a variety of colors perfect for mixing and matching. The eye-catching and vibrant colors of our downtown sling backpacks are great for companies looking to grab the attention of on-lookers and is a big hit at club meetings, trade shows, and galleries. For a higher end item, our performance sling packs offer unique colors like raspberry and royal blue for a professional touch which is great for charity giveaways, conventions or conferences. Stand out for your competitors with our one of a kind unique rectangular design utility sling backpacks. If sling bags don’t offer the variety to need, check out our wide selection of wholesale Messenger Bags with prices starting as low as $2.99. Our wholesale sling backpacks collection is the place to end your search with a backpack that has just the right style, features and most importantly the inexpensive wholesale pricing that you need for promotional purposes.

Let Us Serve Your Needs

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and train our sales representatives to serve you better. We are available to answer your questions, give advice on the best wholesale sling backpacks for your industry and offer the most competitive pricing. You can also check out our wholesale backpack collection if you need a traditional backpack for your events. Save on our sling bags in bulk because the more you buy, the more you save. We encourage our clients to call us at our toll free number:1-800-873-6403 as we might be able to give your company a better pricing and wave the fee for imprinting depend on each companies' unique situation. Let your company, school or team shine and purchase from our large variety of sling bags in bulk today and start promoting now.