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Lightweight Garment Bag
as low as $4.99

Garment Bag
Fiat Suit Carrier
as low as $6.99
Garment Bag
Swift Garment Bag
as low as $7.49
Garment Bag
Business Garment Bag
as low as $11.99

Garment Bag
Basic Garment Bag
as low as $8.75
Valentino Garment Bag
as low as $8.99
Garment Bag
E-Z Garment Bag
as low as $10.49
Garment Bag
Executive Travellers Garment Bag
as low as $11.99
quantity bagsed garment bag
Deluxe Garment Bag
as low as $14.99
wholesale garment carrier
Garment Cover
as low as $15
garment bag
Latitude Garment bag
as low as $15.99
garment bag
Koskin Garment Bag
as low as $16.00
Garment Bag
Liberty Garment Bag
as low as $17.99

Garment Bag
Plaza Meridian Garment
as low as $19.69
garment bag
Overnighter Garment Bag
as low as $22.75
Garment Bag
Code Alpha Garment Bag
as low as $22.99
Valises Garment Bag
as low as $23.99
bulk garment bags
Stuff-It Garment Bag
as low as $26.12
garment bag
Tribeca Garment Bag
as low as $36.99
Big Time Rolling Garment Bag
as low as $49.99
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Colorful Wholesale Garment Bags

At Bag Republic, we offer the strongest and most durable wholesale garment bags in the industry. Our garment bags in bulk are made of top quality materials such as Rip Stop Nylon, 600D polyester and Koskin which makes them great for a variety of events, giveaways or gifts. Every industry has an use with our promotional garment bags which are specifically designed to be handy and convenient. Many of these great wholesale garment bags are also water resistant to withstand whatever weather you may encounter. Our wholesale garment bags will keeping your business or team apparel looking fresh and neat when you get to the destination. With Christmas right around the corner, our garment bags in bulk are perfect corporate gift options to give at holiday parties, socials or as office incentives. Our trained and skilled sales representatives are available now at 1-800-873-6403 to give suggestions, answer questions and offer the best volume pricing possible to suit all of your wholesale garment bag needs. Please also check out our wholesale wheeled bags collection to pair your garment bags with the perfect travel mate. 

Our Best Selling Garment Bags in Bulk for Travel

Our wholesale garment bags are ideal for making your next business, pleasure or team traveling the best possible experience. Never worry about being late or struggling to keep your clothes neat and organized by purchasing our wholesale garment bags to carry your business suits and professional attire. For the best way to travel in style, choose our Liberty garment bags in purple for a high end and functional way to journey the skies. A place to keep your ID handy, convenient place to store your shoes on the front and a variety of colors make these wholesale garment bags a high end and top quality travel companion. Our Lightweight garment bags in bulk  start as low as $4.99 for a cheap and inexpensive solution to keeping your business suit, cheer outfit or team uniform wrinkle free when you travel. With a ton of space these lightweight garment bags in bulk are the best bag to personalize and are unisex to benefit every employee or client. Our Inexpensive wholesale Swift Trip garment bags in orange  in bulk stand out because of their eye catching and unique colors great for mixing and matching for corporate giveaways and gifts. Sports teams, cheerleading squads and other school organizations can use these wholesale garment bags in hard to find colors like purple, orange and green to show their spirit by displaying their colors at every away game or event. We make traveling simple and convenient no matter how long  or far the trip is, all of our wholesale garment bags were created with the active business man or woman in mind.

Promotional Garment Bags in All Sizes

We have wholesale garment bags in a variety of sizes and styles for higher end and everyday travel needs. The handles on these garment bags in bulk are great for less hassle and quick travel. Our Business garment bags at factory direct prices  are designed for higher end and upscale clients to make a statement by how they carry their belongings. For a sophisticated and elegant look these wholesale garment bags have lots of space to personalize and give as holiday gifts or rewards for employees and clients. For the classy businesses and clients where money is not an issue, our tri-fold Tribeca bulk garment bags fit into the modern style and are the Christmas gift solutions for your company or business. Our heavy duty garment bags in bulk are able to stand up to the rigorous travel schedules of business men or women, school organizations such as bands, sports or cheerleading squads. Our wholesale Latitude garment bags have it all with optimum functionality, multiple carrying options and are our longest garment bags to hold more. These wholesale garment bags come in two sizes to accommodate everyone and all kinds of trips long or short. These wholesale garment bags are most popular among embroiderers and imprinting shops to help their client to get the hard to find style. Stay in line with the strict army or military standards by choosing our Code Alpha garment bags to keep your uniform perfect. Coming in digital camouflage these garment bags in bulk are ideal for military bases or school ROTC’s to offer for all of the travel to keep their uniforms up to base standards. For your next promotional or corporate golf event or tournament, choose our Valises garment bags as giveaways, door prizes or rewards. Choose our wholesale garment bags to not only keep your clothes organized and neat but also for our outstanding quantity pricings, service and huge collection of quality products.