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middle school bag
Budget Backpack
as low as $3.75

Discount backpacks for students and security at public events
Nylon School Book Bag
as low as $5.99 $3.99
cheap backpack
Two-Tone Backpack
as low as $4.89
Discount backpacks for students and security at public events
Classic Backpack
as low as $4.59
clear backpacks
Elite Large Backpack
as low as $4.79
middle school bag
Striped Backpack
as low as $4.95
Available in 10 Colors
All Purpose Backpack
as low as $4.99
Discount backpacks for students and security at public events
Large Classic Backpack
as low as $5.49
middle school bag
Colorful World Backpack
as low as $5.85
middle school bag
Eclipse Backpack
as low as $6.49

The Statement
as low as $7.49

Color Block Backpack
Color Block Backpack
as low as $7.99

High School Backpack
High School Backpack
as low as $7.99

large school book bags
Heavy Duty Multi-pockets Backpack
as low as $9.99

wholesale cooler backpacks
Maverick Backpack with Cooler
as low as $11.99

camouflage wholesale backpacks
Heavy Duty High School Book Bag
as low as $10.59

big school backpacks
Sporty Backpack
as low as $10.99

large book bag in bulk quantity
High-Trail Backpack
as low as $11.49

nylon backpack for wholesale
Radius Backpack
as low as $11.99

wholesale security bags
Reflective Stripe Oversized Security Bag
as low as $12.99

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Wholesale Backpacks for Schools and Charity GiveAways

Bag Republic has been in the wholesale backpack industry for years to ensure that our school backpacks for wholesale are of the highest quality and most affordable. We offer a low minimum to qualify for our great volume pricing on our wholesale large backpacks for schools with only a 12 items or more purchase. Each of our huge selection of large school backpacks in bulk can be used for any grade schools, charity fund-raising, marketing purposes and promotional advertising by branding or imprinting with your school or company name, logo or other artwork to show that you care. We also work with a lot of retail stores like Target, Wal-Greens and other top retail outlets to add new wholesale school backpack into their collection. With the holidays rapidly approaching, we have the upscale and higher end quality promotional backpacks at wholesale pricing for corporate gifts and giveaways.  Our wholesale school backpacks come at affordable and unbeatable discounted pricing to give you a product you can trust and a deal you will keep on coming back. 

Our Most Affordable Wholesale Large Backpacks

Our wholesale large backpacks collection has a wide selection of styles, sizes and colors. We pride ourselves in making sure to have the best item to suit your school, company or charity giveaways' needs. Our best selling Elite Large Backpacks has a one of kind look and many eye catching colors to keep it selling year after year. These large high school backpacks in bulk are great for schools to purchase and customize. Middle and High schools could use these as possible fundraisers, to purchase and imprint then resell to their students. These wholesale large backpacks are great not only for schools, but also for a company to purchase at quantity pricing, personalize and then use as giveaways to underprivileged children or women’s shelters. The diversity of these wholesale large backpacks is the reason that these Elite large backpacks continue to be our best seller. Not only do these Elite large backpacks have the functionality a company or school needs, but they come at cheap and inexpensive volume pricing to fit into any budget.

New Item Keeps Our Wholesale Backpacks on Top

We continue to upgrade our wholesale school backpack collection regularly to better serve each customer’s need and provide the best quality and widest selection of promotional backpacks at affordable wholesale prices. Our Wholesale Classic Backpacks in a variety of colors including hard to find baby pink, while, navy blue, camouflage and purple. These unique colors make these promotional backpacks a great purchase for not only schools, but military branches to personalize and give to their troops for all of the items they need to carry. These wholesale  backpacks are versatile to accommodate many industries not only schools, but organizations, companies and retail stores for promotional purposes. These wholesale backpacks in bulk are classic to give the durability and quality expected from backpacks. Our promotional backpacks at wholesale pricing are great for charity giveaways, corporations, businesses, and schools to personalize and use for giveaways or to resell.

The Most Popular Unique Promotional Backpacks at Wholesale Pricing

Our wholesale large backpacks are widely popular for many reasons like our quality, great customer service and mainly our one of kind backpacks in bulk that are hard to find anywhere else. Our Two-Tone backpacks in bulk  have a unique design and are inexpensive to suit all kinds of budgets. These large high school backpacks in bulk come in hard to find school spirit colors like teal and burgundy with black accents for school’s to personalize or imprint and these colors will make these logos or school names draw more attention to themselves. For those who are not under a tight budget and are looking to find a higher end backpack, then select our The Statement - durable wholesale book bag  backpacks in bulk. These large backpacks in bulk have a huge amount of space for top quality performance and optimum functionality which is perfect for middle school and high schools. For a clean and stylish appeal to your clients or students, get unbeatable wholesale pricing with our stylish Mondrian Backpacks. These large high school backpacks in bulk have a unique dome design to give your students a one of a kind backpack that will show your school’s upscale taste. All of our unique promotional backpacks come at great wholesale pricing to give you an edge over your competition or to put your school on top by standing apart with your one of a kind style and fashion.

Functional Wholesale Large Backpacks for All Ages

Our wholesale large backpacks are great for elementary, middle and high schools to personalize and give their students or faculty to promote their school. Our All Purpose Backpacks in large quantity  are most popular due to the wide variety of ten color options. These large high school backpacks in bulk allows your school to mix and match and choose the best colors. Our Vital Child’s Backpacks for small children  comes in three vibrant colors to get any child’s attention. These wholesale large backpacks are just the right size for an elementary or small kid’s need for carrying all of their school supplies. The large On the Run Backpacks are the ideal bags for corporate giveaways, outdoor activity needs. These large backpacks in bulk are great to personalize and have a huge space to fit a lot of items which is great for conferences and preparedness events. Our Old School Canvas Book bags are good for company’s who are environmental conscious. In search of other Eco-Friendly needs, choose from our variety of products in our Eco-Friendly Collection to promote go green to all of your clients or students. We strive to offer the best quality and cheapest, most affordable volume pricing on all of our wholesale large backpacks. Call us today and appreciate all the people who have participate in your event and make them feel special